In the heart of Franklin County, a place rich in history and tradition, Cold Spring Hollow Distillery stands tall as the first legal liquor producer in the region since Prohibition. Owned and co-founded by George Simmers, this distillery embodies his lifelong passion for the art of alcohol distilling and the desire to create exceptional spirits using the finest natural resources. The Chambersburg Public Opinion recently featured an article about Cold Spring Hollow Distillery, and we invite you to check out the original piece by Amber South for more in-depth details.

The Distillation Process – Embracing Franklin County’s Pristine Waters

At Cold Spring Hollow Distillery, the distillation process takes center stage, and water plays a crucial role in creating their premium spirits. Situated close to an unmapped waterway in Bear Valley, the distillery has the advantage of using a natural water source of unparalleled quality. This pristine water eliminates the need for the addition of chemical treatments, allowing the distillery to produce high-quality spirits without compromising on taste and authenticity.

The Flavors and Offerings

Cold Spring Hollow Distillery takes pride in its unique array of “sippin shines,” a collection of six flavored vodkas that pay homage to the tradition and renewed popularity of moonshine. In addition to these flavored vodkas, they also offer non-flavored vodka and whiskey, with plans to introduce rum to their product lineup soon. Customers have the option to purchase bottles directly from the shop or savor the distillery’s creations in their cozy, cabin-esque tasting room.

Passion and Dedication – A Journey from Childhood to Distillery

For George Simmers, distilling liquor was a passion that started in his adolescence. He even created a “moonshine” still as part of a school project, demonstrating the basic principles of distillation using crushed mint. As an adult, he closely followed the progress of legalizing small distilleries, leading to the founding of Cold Spring Hollow Distillery in 2019.

Looking Ahead – Growth and Family Involvement

While Cold Spring Hollow Distillery dreams of expanding its presence in state liquor stores and local restaurants/bars, their focus remains on providing top-notch products and maintaining customer satisfaction. Simmers envisions the distillery as a family venture, with plans to involve his adult sons in the business, ensuring a legacy of quality and dedication for generations to come.

Cold Spring Hollow Distillery’s story is one of passion, determination, and commitment to crafting spirits of the highest quality. From utilizing Franklin County’s pristine waters to offering a unique variety of flavored vodkas and whiskey, the distillery has quickly become an integral part of the local craft liquor scene. We encourage you to read the full article by Amber South in the Chambersburg Public Opinion to delve deeper into the distillery’s journey and explore the rich history behind this Franklin County gem.

Click here to read the full article by Amber South.