The Fifty Best Awards: Cold Spring Hollow Distillery Shines with Gold

Oct 20, 2021

We’re delighted to share some exciting news with our Cold Spring Hollow Distillery community! Recently, The Fifty Best hosted a Flavored Moonshine tasting, and our spirits have been awarded prestigious Gold Medals.

The art of crafting exceptional spirits is at the heart of what we do, and we’re thrilled to see our dedication and passion recognized in these accolades. Here’s a closer look at our award-winning Sippin’ Shines:

Double Gold Medal Winners

  • Citron Splash Sippin Shine
    • Palate: Natural tasting lemon, sweet lemon, fresh lemon peel, lemon ice, Lemonhead candy, hints of limoncello, true sweet citrus, citrus grove, lemon balm, white flowers, honey, peppery, tart, creamy mouthfeel.
    • Finish: Very beautiful lemon, lemon curd, balanced, soft, smooth, clean, fresh, zingy, bold, rich, very pleasant, amazing.
  • Butterscotch Sippin Shine
    • Palate: Great butterscotch flavor, nice toasty caramel, burnt sugar, butter, Werther’s Originals, vanilla bean, vanilla creamer, creamy, heavy cream, caramel-covered apple, candy apple, cocoa chips, Graham crackers.
    • Finish: Butterscotch candy, buttery, grandma’s 7-layer squares, coconut, balanced, well made, soft, nice for dessert.

Gold Medal Winners

  • Root Beer Sippin Shine
    • Palate: Bold root beer, A & W root beer, Old Dad’s root beer, root beer barrel candy, sassafras, roots, earth, lightly mint, wintergreen, true to expectations.
    • Finish: Root beer, touch of root bark, sassafras, cola, vanilla, marshmallow, mint, licorice, spicy, tasty.
  • Apple Dumplin Sippin Shine
    • Palate: Apple, red apple skin, caramel apple, apple pie, sweet apple fritters, bakery scones, vanilla bean, Madagascar vanilla, vanilla cream, heavy cream, creamy, cinnamon, nice heat, balanced flavors, rich, tasty.
    • Finish: Apple, spiced apple juice, apple cinnamon crumble, pour into pie crust & bake, vanilla, cinnamon spice, toast, fireplace, warm nights by the fire, balanced, soft, nice for dessert.
  • Sweet Fire Sippin Shine
    • Palate: Sweet cinnamon, bright cinnamon, hot cinnamon buns, Red Hots cinnamon candy, peppermint, jalapeño, bold, bright, nicely done.
    • Finish: Spiced cinnamon cake, Red Hots cinnamon candy, Big Red gum, mint, pepper, slightly fire-y, nice lingering heat, interesting, well done, good as a shot, fun.

These awards are a testament to our commitment to crafting exceptional small batch spirits that captivate the palate and offer unforgettable experiences. We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to The Fifty Best for recognizing our dedication to quality and innovation.

Whether you’re a longtime fan or new to our spirits, we invite you to raise a glass with us and savor the flavors of Cold Spring Hollow Distillery. Join us in celebrating these Gold Medals and stay tuned for upcoming events and opportunities to explore our award-winning spirits. Cheers to craftsmanship, innovation, and the pursuit of perfection in every sip! 🏆


    Click here for the full story at The Fifty Best.